Blog Post #5

Read Chapter 5
“Does the Whatever Speak?”

Galloway’s ” Does the Whatever Speak?,” talks about race as a simulation. According to his argument he says, “racial coding has not gone away in recent years, it has only migrated into the realm of dress rehearsal, the realm of pure simulation it remains absolutely necessary”(113). Whether race is explicit or not in real life it is not the same case in the virtual world. I think the virtual world has become the new form of expressing racist thoughts, like Galloway says race has migrated to the virtual world. I think the reason this is the case is because there’s the excuse that it is just a game or simple stimulation. Furthermore “on the internet no one knows your identity” (124), but it is the opposite your identity is pretty clear and this “whatever” that Galloway talks about serves as an oppressor of identities and race.

He also makes another point, he says, “the virtual can only be possible, not in relation to the real, but in relation to the absolute.” Meaning that the concept of being revolves around racism not whether it is happening in real life or the virtual world. Once again we find ourselves stimulated in a game and wrapped around gold farming. For example the game designers talking about classes and races. Something I didn’t give any thought to before this chapter. I went and did some research and found some article that talks about a game that is Anti-American. What I found the most interesting is that according to this article or at least the comments that were left about the game was that game companies are owned by Jews even though the designers are white males. White males who apparently make the game look pretty for marketing purposed but the Jews control the content which then leads to these racist ideologies. I thought it was interesting because although Galloway uses World craft as one of his examples and how they use a narrator with a Jamaican accent I never thought that classes and races could go beyond the virtual stimulation and more into the real world where the stimulation is being controlled.

Anti-American Game Article

Racists call BioShock Infinite a white-killing simulator

To further connect this concept of racial coding migrating to the realm of the virtual world I have to say that our major is a perfect example of it. We might not necessarily be the ones controlling this new racial coding but we are a big part of it. It is designers whether they are game designers or graphic designers that contribute by helping the higher ups with the money create these new racial codes. For example maybe the Steve Jobs didn’t design the emojis but he told someone to design them. Maybe the person who was designing them did not stop and think about creating ten different skin tones but as a designer he couldn’t stop and tell Steve Jobs, “hey buddy what about being racially inclusive.” However we sit in class and discuss “culture” something I ironically didn’t think I would be studying even though it is in the title of our major. Why? Well simple I like many people didn’t think that technology had race involved ignoring this whatever that Galloway talks about.


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