Blog Post #7


Blog Post #7
“The Laborers Who Keep Dick Pics and Beheadings Out of Your Facebook Feed”

As I’m reading the article I’m thinking “shit, there’s someone who dedicates their life to seeing and removing all the nasty shit that’s out there on the internet.” The reason why I reacted that way is because sometimes we forget how terrible human beings can be and how corrupt they can be to attain power and money. So we sit in our own little bubble and post on our own little virtual world without a worry in our lives because there is people somewhere in the world doing our dirty work, yeah that’s right the world does not revolve around you America…or does it?

Content moderation what does it really mean and what does it have to do with colonialism? Why do these crowdsourcing employees have to sign none disclosure contracts? Difference between active moderation and content moderation: content moderation is typically content that has been flagged whereas active moderation is happening real time. It seems like the article was addressing crowdsourcing but in reality it is addressing colonialism. This ties in with colonialism, in the fact that we are exploiting workers from the Philippines for our own benefit. The Philippines also used to have ties to the US when they were a part of our colony. Baybayan looks for specific content such as “hunting for: pornography, gore, minors, sexual solicitation, sexual body parts/images, racism.” What happens when someone can’t detect that same kind of content as an American could? Well simple, “US-based moderators are much better compensated than their overseas counterparts: A brand-new American moderator for a large tech company in the US can make more in an hour than a veteran Filipino moderator makes in a day,”

How can this complicate the things we talked about in class? We talked about how the price to make things domestically is not the problem the problem is how fast the product is being made. This gets me to think that it is an American thing to be impatient and the idea that time is money. I honestly believed this for the longest time because growing up in a monochronic society it is the only way to survive. However I learned the hard way that it is not the only way to get things done, not to say that being monochronic isn’t cool, what I am saying is that this is part of our issue. For example when we were rushing to be the first people on the moon, there is always this competition to become the first this first that, and this is what we hold valuable as a country. There are other countries who still hold other stuff valuable such as social interaction, making time to stop and say hello to a friend is more important than getting back to teaching a class. Something I enjoyed during my travel time in Costa Rica. They don’t care much for the fancy technology, not to say they don’t like or enjoy it but their consumption is no where near as important as it is for us here in the US. For us it has become a survival need and sadly we will exploit anyone to maintain it.


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