Blog Post #9

Prisoners need to learn computer skills, but the internet is strictly banned

Blog Post #9
“The Case for Internet Access in Prisons”

From someone who comes from a family that has seen family members go in and out the the juvenile and prison system I have to say that this article speaks many truths. I believe that the correctional system is broken and it needs to be fixed. Most of all it is true that most tax payers have no idea of what truly goes on inside prison walls and how it affects inmates life in and out of the system and how it affects families. The article says,”this lack of technology in prisons unfairly denies inmates basic life skills, creating yet another barrier to exiting the system by encouraging recidivism,” this is true for people who go in for three years because just in those three years we will have seen three new iPhones. Imagine what this would mean for someone who has been sentenced to 20 years in prison or for someone who has been given life in prison? Does this mean that for the time being they do not deserve the same rights as your son or daughter? What if that was your son or daughter in those shoes? Would you then believe they deserve this right or do you believe they should be punished to a miserable life for a mistake they made?

Again, I am not excusing the wrongs that many of the inmates have committed because as much as I believe in forgiveness I understand that they most likely affected somebody’s life. I however do not believe that they deserve to be punished through enduring suffering and trauma in prison. For example the cases, “in Florida, where Santos served his sentence, investigators are trying to uncover how 364 people died behind bars, the highest number for any state ever,” is something ridiculous that us as tax payers should not allow to happen and we should care about. This reminds me of a similar case that happened in Salvador when a prison burned down with 500 gang members. As much as I do not believe in their live style and as much as they make my blood boil, I also do not believe that we should be inhumane, “an eye for an eye will make the whole world blind.”

I think that giving convicts the ability to have access to technology could be beneficial and somewhat of eye opening. It would be interesting to see and hear how they see prison, how their day to day life is like, and I’m not talking about those reality shows where it is scared straight. I would like to see inmates vlogging or maybe blogging, of course there could be certain measurers to this and certain privileges that come with it. As much worry as there is with drug deals happening or more crime, the ugly truth is that it will happen regardless of technology being involved or not. I also think that it is easier to monitor online or email technologies than it is to monitor phone calls, letters, and visits. Like the article says, “as the evidence shows, it’s hurting us just as much as it hurts them.”


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