Blog Post #12

Blog Post #12

Group Presentations

The presentation on hidden language in media was really interesting and I’m kind of sad that it was cut short. I have learned how to ignore those comments on videos, picture, memes, article, etc. because they are just so offensive and ignorant. However it is interesting that people feel completely comfortable saying such spiteful, racist, offensive, and just mean things on the internet. What’s even worse is that the majority of those people would actually say those things aloud to others. Connecting this to a more real life experience, I can say that I have come across my fair share of people who use hidden language to say offensive things. The thing is that we allow white privileged people with power get away with saying things in the media with hidden language. The different headlines or introductions that certain people will receive in a newspaper, magazine, or TV will vary according to the amount influence and power they have. By power I mean money and influence they have on others or in politics, even celebrity status.

The other presentation was also interesting because the idea that a website can pair you up with your perfect job is not all that crazy or lazy in my opinion. I think it is crazy that you need to take such a long survey which actually doesn’t make you lazy because I would never take such a long survey just to find the “perfect” job. Back to my point, when they were talking about algorithms that help pair you to something I thought about Netflix. I’m not sure if everyone knows, but for a long time Netflix had no competition and the on thing that set it apart from the rest was the algorithm that could recommend you what to watch. Today most video websites or whatever have this video recommendation algorithm. I personally think that the video suggestions can be a good thing especially when you don’t know what to watch but Netflix knows what kind of movies you enjoy. That is how I have seen plenty of good movies with the occasional crappy one.

I think both of the presentations are important day to day happenings and issues that we have subconsciously began to ignore. As a society it is a norm to allow others to leave horrendous comments on videos. It is a norm to allow computers to do as much possible work for us, to make suggestions that we did not want but later found helpful. We have become a relying society and this generation is okay with it. Sure there are the older people who are against technology, there are those who have adopted to the changes, those who see the effects of the changes but are not doing anything to change it, and lastly those who were born into technology and will never know what life looks like without technology. What I’m trying to say is that these are interesting topics that do not have a single solution but I do think they deserve attention and awareness.


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