Blog Post #13

Blog Post #13
Week 13 Presentations
LGBT YouTube Community

Last week’s presentation was not only interesting but it was also very informative. I do not know much about the YouTube vlogging community I mostly use YouTube to listen to music or find a video of something I need. I do know that when I was younger I would get lost in the YouTube world watching upcoming artists that had a vlogg. I also know that it had an impact on me but more on my younger sister. Although they might have not continued into my life today, I know they did impact my younger sister until this day. Just like it continues to impact and not only impact but influence her life as well as a support system, I believe that some of these vloggers on YouTube are role models to young kids struggling with their sexuality.

Getting more into the idea of digital space and the comments that get posted on YouTube pages, I believe that the idea of anonymity has never been more alive. At times we treat the digital world as only virtual and not a part of someone’s real life. For some people it is the only space where they can truly be one true self, so they take more care of it than they do with their real life. This is not necessarily a bad thing because the support they find online is greater than the one the can find in their community or group of friends. Yes, even for those who have supportive family and friends they also need someone they can relate to and I believe that vloggers who openly talk about taboo or not addressed topics are beneficial for both young and older LGBT members.

The offensive comments that get made are hurtful but I believe that by having vloggers who have the confidence that maybe others do not have yet, get the opportunity to shake off the haters. By doing this they demonstrate that what negative people have to say about you shouldn’t matter as much as what you believe about yourself and what the people who genuinely love you believe about you. Having an online community can help to take that step to tell those who you haven’t told in your life outside of your virtual world.

Overall it was a great presentation and I think it helps spread awareness and sensitivity to those who sometimes speak or comment without thinking about others emotional well being.


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