Blog Post #15

Blog Post #15
Group Presentations

This weeks presentations were interesting and informative. For this blog post I will be talking about the emoji group. They talked about how texting has come a long way from T9. They also focused a lot on the idea of emoji’s and the way we use them to communicate. They talked more about the graphic design aspect and the way that an emoji can express emotions that words cannot. I agree with almost everything they talked about because I use emoji’s to express an emotion I cannot express through words or simply cut my word count.

I think that this can get is into the conversation about patience and how this generation is impatience and lazy which is why we want everything fast and easy.  Using something such as texting is already taking away from that personal feeling of hearing someone’s voice and emotions that way. The group talked about how getting a phone call from their mom feels like almost like an interruption to her every day life and that a text message if more convenient. This makes me wonder if this is more about doing things on your own time rather than on some one else’s because if ti is speed we want a phone call is much faster than a text message. A text message that can get over looked until hours, sometimes even days later which then drags a two minute conversation into a several day conversation.

Another thing I thought was interesting was the fact that they didn’t at al mention the color of the emoji’s. I understand that maybe their project’s focus was not on that part of the conversation but I think it would have been interesting to hear what they had to say about this or how it could connect/ contribute to the conversation. I know it was one of the more talked about conversations on social media and it was a big break through when you could finally edit the skin tone on emoji’s. I also think that it contributes to a lot of the conversations and topics we covered in class this semester. I ran into an interesting article that talked a little about Apple’s new diverse emoji. This quotation, “I’ll now question other people’s emoji use when they’re speaking to me: Why is he sending me the black angel emoji specifically? Why is she sending me the black-girl emoji instead of the white one? ” I found this to be interesting because I had not thought about how allowing for change could not only be seen as an accomplishments for those who don’t have emotional or human connection to a white skin emoji. In the process I didn’t stop to think about the pressure that can be connected to these new changes.


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